HD Bledsoe, our Founder  1954-2017

At the age of nineteen HD found a niche in collecting native trees, harvesting them by hand, and selling them to homeowners, retail outlets, and developers.


As the Industry grew, tree suppliers had to adapt to the new demands of digging more and bigger trees.  

HD was always searching for the latest technology and techniques available.  So its no surprise he was one of the first tree suppliers in Florida to purchase a tree spade.  

His untimely death in 2017 left a void in our hearts.  He certainly left behind a legacy, his hard work and dedication planted firm roots here at Bledsoe Family Farms.  Roots that keep our farm growing and thriving.  He is forever loved and missed by us all.


Bledoe Farms is now run by Michelle Bledoe. We are located in North Central Florida and serve customers throughout the Southeast. We are a family-owned operation and we are happy to help landscapers, housing developers, and other tree wholesalers throughout the southeast.



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